About Medghyne Calonge

Family Law

Medghyne is an educated and experienced family law mediator that has a real passion to help her clients attain the best solution with their cases. Medghyne is an Arbitrator, a Qualified Parenting Coordinator, and a Supreme Court Certified County and Family Law Mediator.

She merges her education, training, and experience to provide a compelling, yet caring mediation experience for her clients. Medghyne has an exceptional understanding of the process and the emotional stress that divorce and custody battles can take on children and their parents and shares a deep appreciation for the opportunity that mediators, and lawyers facilitate in bettering the lives of their clients and their families.

Human Resources

Medghyne is also an experienced and certified human resources professional who continues to achieve success in the HR field. Medghyne is very well versed in the various aspects of human resources including but not limited to hr operations, management, employee relations, employee mediation, compliance, labor law relations, and recruiting.

Medghyne is an alumnus of Tampa Catholic HS, who obtained her B.A from the University of South Florida, and her MBA from Saint Leo University.

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Medghyne is also a beauty, health, and fitness expert, and those who know her best will attest to the fact that beauty, nutrition, and dance have been a part of Medghyne Calonge all throughout her life.

Currently Medghyne leads fitness dance classes through Zumba. She is a beauty advisor and distributor with Avon. She is also a wellness coach and distributor with Herbal Life Nutrition.

Medghyne is a firm believer in holistic health and the importance of having a healthy equilibrium – mentally, physically, and spiritually for the right life balance.

Working With the Community

Medghyne is a true humanitarian who believes in the importance of giving back to her community and continues to volunteer for various nonprofits providing a range of services from administrative, legal document preparation, and food distribution.

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