About Me

Medghyne Calonge is a Human Resources Manager, Family Mediator & Arbitrator. She attended the University of South Florida and received her Bachelor's Degree from Saint Leo University. Medghyne also received a degree in Master's Business Admin from Northwestern Law and a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science with concentrations in Sociology and Social Work. She obtained a Master's in Business Administration with Human Resources Management concentration and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate at Northwestern Law school. Medghyne is also a Florida Mediator, Arbitrator, Notary Public, and certified Paralegal trained at USF Tampa. She loves Fitness, Dance, Singing, Acting, and modeling. Medghyne is currently a Zumba Dance Instructor, An Avon Beauty Consultant, and A Herbalife fitness Nutrition representative. Several years ago, she attended Barbizon school of modeling, and after graduating Barbizon's modeling program, and was accepted into their acting program. Medghyne has appeared in print modeling and acting work after that, including commercials for Alltel to where she was an extra working alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, who was the lead. She also did a dance video with MTV back in 2000 for their Dance with Me Marathon. Medghyne has even danced for non-profit cultural organizations, church, as well as Orchesis Dance Theatre. Medghyne has also done some motivational speaking throughout different cultural non-profit organizations in college and church, which she plans to expand on. She is currently in the process of writing a book and has written several poems in the past, and she does plan to publish the book at the end of this year along with her poetry for the soul book. Medghyne also enjoys giving back and volunteering and volunteers at Metropolitan Ministries, Justice for our Neighbors, Bay Area Legal, and the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. She also recently started her own company called Judicial Legal Services, where she plans to start off by providing family mediation, arbitration, legal document preparation services, and notary services.


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