Medghyne Calonge


Medghyne Calonge is a Supreme Court Certified County and Family Law Mediator, an Arbitrator, and a Qualified Parenting Coordinator. Medghyne is also an experienced and certified human resources professional who continues to achieve success in the HR field. She is a beauty, health and fitness expert as well as a true humanitarian who believes in the importance of giving back to her community.

Judicial Legal Services, LLC

Medghyne Calonge is the CEO of Judicial Legal Services, LLC, which provides family mediation, legal document preparation, as well public notary services including marriages.

I motivate others by sharing some of my own personal challenges and encourage others to learn and persevere through life’s difficulties with a constructive mindset. I think it is important to focus on the positive aspects.

- Medghyne Calonge


Ideamensch Interviews Medghyne Calonge: the CEO of Judicial Legal Services

Medghyne Calonge is a certified Florida Mediator, Arbitrator, Notary Public, Certified Human Resources Professional, and Paralegal based out of Tampa, Florida.

Medghyne Calonge on Being a Successful Leader and Inspiring Those around Her

Medghyne Calonge is the CEO and Founder of Judicial Legal Services LLC a firm that provides family mediation, legal document preparation, and public notary services.

Medghyne Calonge Explores the Different Types of Legal Mediation Available

Mediation is the process of resolving conflict through certain negotiation and communication techniques. Impartial third parties or mediators help resolve these issues.

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